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Amy Sue is the Recovery Team Lead at the RRC. She has been serving the Lord for 21 years, and has been active in pursuing the church brought into the full understanding of their identity in Christ. Amy Sue has been clean from drug addiction herself for 33 years Institutionalized as a teenager, her mother was told she would never function normally because of the damage done to the brain, and needed to be placed in a group home. Her mother said no, and brought her home, she continued in her addiction, then was set free at age 19. Amy Sue gave her life to the Lord at age 32 and that was when the Lord began the regeneration process. Freedom can be attained!
She has a passion to change the stigma about addiction and mental illness, with the understanding that true freedom only comes from the understanding of a persons identity in Christ first and belonging in the Kingdom of God. Amy Sue counsels/teaches through the leading of the Holy Spirit, coupled with the Word of God to bring a person to a full understanding of their freedom in Christ.
Amy Sue holds an ordination through the Assemblies of God, Diploma with the NET Institute specializing in Addiction and Recovery Counseling. She also carries certifications with American Association of Christian Counselors in Addiction and Recovery Counseling, and Mental Health coaching, and is currently employed with SMA Healthcare as a State Hospital Liaison.
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